Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Study: Liver Cancer Related Male Sex Hormones

Liver cancer is one of the most dangerous disease to humans right now. So do in-depth research on liver cancer. In order to know the cause and risk factors that cause this disease liver cancer. One recent study revealed a link between sex hormones in men with liver cancer. Further consider the following article:

HONG KONG - Researchers in Hong Kong revealed that men have a chance of getting liver cancer is greater, because the types of genes associated with sex hormones in men.

Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said the research conducted since 2008 have been menememukan more than 70 percent of liver cancer patients with high levels produced by a gene called the cell cycle-related kinase (CCRK).

"One of the genes of 17,000 genes contained in the human body, is directly controlled and activated by receptor proteins of male sex hormones or androgens," said the researcher.

"This study has potential clinical implications because it describes the correlation between androgen receptor and the development of liver cancer," said university vice rector and team leader Joseph Sung Mok Hing Yiu, as quoted by the Straits Times, Thursday (07/21/2011).

"It also gives an explanation of why men have a higher risk of developing liver cancer than women," they added in a joint statement posted on the university website.

The researchers examined risk factors such as consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and occupation to explain the gender gap but does not fully explain the difference.


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