Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ginger Extract May Fight Prostate Cancer

Ginger extract does have many benefits for the human body. In addition to causing a sense of fresh ginger was also very good for prostate health. Further consider the following article:

Ginger contains many compounds and one compound capable of preventing prostate cancer activity in patients with prostate cancer. This ginger extract had a significant effect in stopping cancer cell growth and induces death of the spectrum of prostate cancer cells.

Ritu Anejadi Professor of Biology at Georgia State University have found that ginger extract can prevent prostate cancer activity of the research results have been published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Although much research has been conducted to determine the anti-cancer properties in ginger, Professor Aneja choose to take a more holistic approach in investigating the types of molecules involved.

He does not believe that one compound alone can be used as an anti-cancer extracts and assume that the synergistic interaction of components allow scientists to use a smaller amount of extract than using a single chemical substance. Evaluation data show that humans should consume approximately 3.5 ounces of ginger extract in the diet daily to achieve an efficacious effect.

"It may seem easier to examine extracts of plants, but the reality is not so because there are billions of other compounds and derivatives complex in there, and we do not know which ones are good. In addition, we are looking for compounds that are identified are not abundant, but very important and not can be ignored, "says Prof. Aneja as reported from medicalnewstoday, Tuesday (08/23/2011).

The research was spearheaded by Vibhuti 'Simran' Sharma, environmental chemist for Southern Company and one of the students who mentored penelitannya by Aneja.

"I trace a lot of previous research and found some papers on ginger. There's not much research on the extract as a whole, particularly its effect on the prevention of latent prostate cancer is slow growing. Most of the literature focused on only one compound found in ginger," said Sharma.

In his experiments, Sharma found that these cells are most responsive to the extract of ginger is prostate cancer cells, breast cancer cells and cervical cancer cells. Laboratory Aneja then conduct further research on prostate cancer and continue to be assisted by Sharma.


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