Saturday, January 15, 2011

The benefits of Binahong plant for your health

Is Binahong it?
Binahong is the name of a medicinal plant from China known as the original name Dheng San Chi. Bulbous plants and rhizome spread has been known to have remarkable healing benefits and has thousands of years consumed by nations China, Korea, Taiwan etc.. In Southeast Asia, these plants are compulsory consumption in Vietnam when the United States against invasion. In Indonesia, this plant is actually widely available in cool temperate regions and is widely used as an ornamental plant gate (since it is a call gendola). But people in Indonesia do not seem to know a lot that so many benefits for health.

Efficacy Binahong:
All parts of this twiner nutritious, ranging from tuber roots, stems and leaves are heart shaped.

Benefits Binahong:

1. Accelerating recovery of health after surgery, childbirth, circumcision, all the wounds inside and out, and inflammation of the intestine.
2. Smooth and circulation and normalize blood pressure.
3. Preventing a stroke, ulcer and gout.
4. Adding and restore vitality stamina.
5. Wazir (pile), launched urination, defecation.
6. Diabetes.
7. Sprue weight.
8. Dizziness.
9. Abdominal pain.
10. Skin disease (itching - itching)
11. Helps the healing process of various diseases coughing / vomiting blood, diabetes, shortness of breath, high blood pressure / low blood, kidney inflammation, chronic gastritis, impotence, impaired heart function, etc..
12. For improving blood circulation in the nerves of the brain.

How To Use Binahong?
Utilization can be boiled or eaten as vegetables to leaves. Can also as a mixture while cooking.

For Use In

* To heal the scar wound, ulcer, typhus, dysentery, physical fitness (add eggs and honey), to prevent stroke, gout and lumbago: Take the rhizome (tuber) as necessary, washed, then boiled, after cold filtered and drunk 2 -3 times a day. However, tubers can also be dried, then finely ground, then put in a capsule 0.5 mh and drink 3 times a day.
* To cure heart swelling, swelling of the liver, diabetes, kidney damage, and colitis: Tuber other ingredients mixed with boiled along betel leaves, ginger with a ratio of odd: 7th, 9, 13th.
* In order for a caesarean former dry quickly, take root binahong a red trunk as much as 15 grams. Once washed, boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining half. Strain and drink while warm. You can add a little lemon grass or rock sugar if desired.
* For the heart dysfunction: take three pieces of leaf in penyet-penyet to exit the mucus then menyedu with 1 cup of hot water, let stand 1 hour more or less just drunk, if need be added sugar to reduce an unpleasant odor. Drink 3 cups a day, morning, noon, night before bed.

For External Use
To heal bruises because of a hit, hit a fire (heat), Rheumatik, stiff, sore muscles, soften skin: Leaves and stems finely ground and then smeared on the sick.


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