Tuesday, February 8, 2011

List of foods that cause acne

One cause of acne is the wrong foods. There are some foods that can cause acne or severe acne becomes more severe. I get a pretty interesting article about what foods cause acne. Please read below:

In addition to hygiene factors induced stress and skin, acne or acne vulgaris is also associated with blood sugar levels. Therefore, various types of foods that contain lots of sugar should be limited if you do not want to have facial acne.

Increased blood sugar levels affect the hormonal condition that ultimately disrupt the function of oil glands in the skin surface.

The types of foods that can trigger the appearance of acne as reported Hubpages.com, Tuesday (08/01/2011):

1. Fatty foods
Too much fat will inhibit the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. As a result, disturbed metabolism so that blood sugar levels will be easy to increase and decrease drastically. At the time there was an increase, this condition can trigger the appearance of acne.

2. Milk and other dairy products
Fat content in milk and other dairy products are so high that its effect on acne just like fatty foods. Ice cream, cheese and the like, including dairy products should be avoided by the owner of pimpled face.

In addition, there are several types of milk milked from cows that are pregnant. Type of milk contains certain hormones in the human body will be converted into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes acne.

3. Processed Sugar
Naturally, the sugar found in almost all foods, including fruits. However, during the fruit is eaten raw, kind of sugar they contain is sugar in the form of fiber and complex carbohydrate use within not too improve blood sugar levels.

The new candy would be a problem for acne if it is transformed into a simpler form, through the treatment process. Table sugar is a form of simple sugars that trigger acne, and is widely used in candy as well as various types of cakes.

4. Caffeine
Coffee, tea, sodas and some types of pain-killers are the sources of caffeine which can aggravate acne. One effect is to stimulate the adrenal glands karein, so that it can increase stress levels merupakans ne of the triggering factors of acne.

Side effects of caffeine is another sleep disorder, which can also trigger acne. In addition to increased stress, lack of sleep also inhibits the process of, mulihan physical condition and detoxification mechanisms that occur in the body.

5. Processed foods
Canned sardines, baso curing, sausages, nuggets and the like, including processed food products often contain additional ingredients including preservatives. The material is difficult to digest by the body and can aggravate the inflammation of the acne that had become infected.


abnersmith said...

I am a girl and i know the feeling of having acne prone skin. When I was suffering from acne I had tried many acne removal products but none of them worked for me. Then I decided to consult my doctor and he said that my unhealthy food is the main reason behind of my problem. Also he gave me chart of those foods which can cause acne . From then till now, I only eat healthy foods and I think you should eat healthy foods too. If you don’t have any idea that which foods are healthy, you should visit this site .

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