Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Health insurance for unemployed

How can I get affordable health insurance if I'm unemployed?
There are many ways you can obtain affordable health insurance, even after you've become unemployed. Check into COBRA, converting your former group health insurance plan into an individual health insurance plan, or a state continuation plan in which you can continue being covered under your previous group health insurance plan for a certain period of time.

What if my last job didn't offer health insurance?

There are a few reasons why some employers don't offer health care benefits. Since employers aren't legally required to offer health insurance, not all do. Plus, if you work part-time, you usually aren't eligible for your employer's health benefits package.

If your last job did not offer health insurance benefits, you most likely won't be eligible for assistance such as COBRA, conversion, or state continuation. You can, however, contact your state's department of insurance to find information about any affordable health insurance plans they offer for unemployed individuals. If you don't know, contact your state's department of insurance for help.

It is important your children keep continuous health insurance coverage. If not, make sure you ask your state's department of insurance specifically about state health care programs for your children. For many unemployed people across the United States cancelling their health insurance is one of those sacrifices that simply must be made. So while they are searching for a job the health insurance coverage goes unpaid and expires. The price was wonderfully affordable, since you are really an automobile insurance customer; the insurance companies know you likely are not using PIP as your primary health insurance coverage. Again, this is very affordable coverage for those who cannot afford regular health insurance while temporarily unemployed.

Now if you are interested in more comprehensive health insurance coverage for up to six months, I would suggest you Google search the term "temporary health insurance" which will list free quote services for all consumers interested in temporary health insurance with no contractual obligation. The bottom line is there are reasonable alternatives to making huge sacrifices in your health insurance coverage. COBRA provisions

Eligibility for COBRA

Provided you were eligible for an employer-sponsored Insurance Health coverage before you left your company.

Being unemployed, one may be concerned about their health insurance coverage. For instance, some companies do not operate a group health insurance plan. Individual Health Insurance - It's possible that young and healthy families' private insurance might be less expensive than most people think. Low Income Insurance Plans - Another option for low income earners is to receive assistance from a state, federal, county or even private health program. The major federal health plan for low income groups is called Medicaid. When your employer has offered you with health care insurance you can use such services as the COBRA and Kaiser Family Foundation to transfer your health insurance from your employer to yourself.


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