Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are you looking for health Insurance as a self-employed person?

As a person who is self-employed and looking for a health insurance plan you will most likely pay a much greater health insurance premium than if you were getting group health insurance through a big company. In health insurance, two major factors affect policy premiums or rates. The first major factor is your family health or personal health history. While calculating the life insurance premiums and health insurance premiums, the insurance companies, consider family history and personal health of the individual, as the major contributors. Most health insurance companies request urine samples and blood samples to ensure that there are no pre-existing health problems.

Unfortunately, even though policyholders can have low insurance premiums, family history and health are not always controllable. Right from the year 1982, health insurance premiums have registered an average 7% annual growth. For health insurance premiums, volatile business cycle is very typical thing.

In the year 1992, health insurance constituted 6.3 % of the employee compensation for the private industry employers. This made health insurance the largest compensation share for employers having an excess of 500 employees.

The main cause of rising health insurance premiums are the aging population. Some insurance firms also provide discounts for such people. Secondly, it is also essential that the policyholders compare various health insurance plans. Health insurance has become an extremely important issue in America due to spiraling health costs. Thus, easy to pay typical health insurance premiums can ensure coverage for majority of American population.

If you are currently employed, begin your search with your employer, as most guaranteed issue health insurance is offered through an individual's employer.

Definition of Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Employers with 2 to 50 employees that offer health care insurance to employees must do so on a guaranteed issue basis. Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance for Small Businesses

Currently, employers are not federally mandated to offer health care insurance for employees; however, if insurance is offered, all employees must be guaranteed to qualify for coverage under HIPAA regulations. Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance for Individuals

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance: Where to Find Information

Guaranteed qualified health insurance is available due to federal and state legislation. If your state has no legislation regarding guaranteed issue health insurance, you can visit the website of the United States Department of Labor.
From the time when the concept of health insurance swept through the insurance market, the need for efficient health insurance sales leads has been increasing.
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