Sunday, December 12, 2010

Read this...our top tips to lower blood sugar levels

Within the confines of this article I will concentrate on Type 2 Diabetes, and how to better control your diabetes by listing my Tips on How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

Just a few figures to get your attention prior to our top tips to lower blood sugar levels

1. Losing any weight will help to lower your blood sugar, if you can lose 10% of your body weight you will notice definite health benefits.

2. Take some regular exercise: by taking exercise you will reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, help control blood pressure and help to lower blood sugar levels.

3. Never skip meals: Try to eat many small meals, to keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day, never binge eat,

4. Use common sense, diabetes is a disease of regular self abuse in most cases, if you have diabetes you must control it. Avoid cakes, cookies and candies, these foods will cause a very rapid increase in blood sugar levels. If you have type 2 diabetes, normal blood sugar levels are sort of a catch-22. After all, if you have normal blood sugar, do you still have diabetes? That being said, normalizing your blood sugar levels is the first step towards legitimately getting rid of diabetes.

5. Eat protein and carbohydrates together: Hopefully, you're already avoiding sugar-rich foods, but even healthy carbohydrates are another rich source of blood sugar. Because saturated fats actually increase inflammation... making your blood sugars climb.

6. Eat foods that lower blood sugar when possible: It may sound too good to be true, but there are foods that, when eaten regularly, can lower blood sugar. For some, a "brand new" breakthrough can actually make your blood sugar levels worse. If you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, how to lower blood sugar is likely one of your first questions. High blood sugar ravages your body, but, here are three easy ways to lower your blood sugar and escape the damages that having high blood sugar afflicts on your body.

Some people are just slightly over the edge, while others suffer from brittle diabetes (i.e. uncontrolled diabetes).

Lowering Blood Sugar to a Safe Range

So let's get down to it -- three ways to lower blood sugar and even reverse type 2 diabetes.

You see, fruits and grains both contain sugar and sugar-like substances.
Straight out, exercise helps to regulate blood sugar.

What is blood sugar?

Before listing out the tips on how to lower Blood Sugar, one must be acquainted with what actually High Blood Sugar means. The types of foods you eat play a big part in the level of your blood sugar. Some foods help to lower the levels. Others enter the bloodstream faster, thus raising sugar levels.

The following tips should help you to maintain a normal sugar level and cut down on the threat of developing diabetes.

1). The number one way you can lower your blood sugar is by eating the right foods. Even if you already have diabetes, these foods can help you to keep it under control.

2). Exercise is another way you can control blood sugar levels.

3). Eating four to five small meals a day rather than three large meals will also help to lower your blood sugar.

4). Avoid drinking a lot of soft drinks because they are high in sugar and carbohydrates. One 12 ounce soft drink contains 11 teaspoons of sugar. Many times these types of drugs can cause an increase in blood sugar levels.

5). Find out why your blood sugar levels are high. If your blood sugar level is high due to stress you need to make some changes in your lifestyle.

6). Because the body turns carbohydrates to sugar this will add more sugar to your diet. Lowering the intake of carbohydrates will help you to lower your blood sugar.


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