Friday, December 3, 2010

Reduce Blood Sugar

It can be a warning sign of developing blood sugar in the body if high glycemic indexed foods are consumed when diabetic or pre-diabetic. So, the first care step to reduce blood sugar should be taken to avoid foods with high glycemic index with reference to carbohydrate ingredient. It will be highly benefitting to you if you are well aware of measuring the same for the food you are usually consuming. A diabetic can be safe and secure by choosing low carb foods with low glycemic index. You need to calculate glycemic index of your food intake with respect to every item of your diet. At least, you ought to have on hand for reference a list of foods with corresponding glycemic index levels. The researchers on food technology pay attention to prepare such a list based on sincere experiments. They choose a food measuring 50 grams for administering to consume in fasting and see how fast the blood sugar levels rise. The same test experiment is repeated with the reference food to confirm the result already arrived at and noted in the first experiment.

Real glycemic index:

It should be clear to your knowledge that mixing of foods can act differently to effect different glycemic indices. Different foods taken at different temperatures can set the index levels at varied ranges. Most generally, mixing of foods with varied GI can be a good idea to reduce blood sugar. Also it should be taken for warning that mixing of foods, all with high GI, can sometimes increase blood sugar levels abnormally instead of maintaining lower blood sugar levels. If you are choosing the right food from the list of low carb diet, you can have hopes to reduce high blood sugar.

Which foods to choose?

If you are eating white bread singly, the GI level will be around 100, whereas a sandwich prepared with white bread along with pickle brings down the GI measure to around 50. Again, an instant mashed food using potatoes shows GI around 110, but safely steamed and new potatoes slash down the reading to around 80. It will be surprising to you to see that butter mixed cold mashed potatoes have GI close to 60. That way, you should be safe and off from high glycemic foods as they all get digested fast and absorbed as glucose into your bloodstream. At the same time, caution should be taken to be safe from very low blood sugar symptoms by choosing very poor GI foods.


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