Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vegetarian Fat Loss Tip

Most vegetarians, even the non-vegetarians, gain weight because they adopt the wrong habits in their everyday life. Now, change those weight-gaining habits of yours into these 7 highly effective weight-losing habits.

Here are the 7 vegetarian fat loss tips for you.
1 - Keep Your Stomach Un-empty
One of the effective vegetarian fat loss tips is to avoid starving your stomach. It'll just absorb what your body needs, leaving unwanted calories out.

2 - Eat More to Lose Fat as a Vegetarian
Break your larger vegetarian meals into 3 smaller meals + 2 snacks. You burn fat.
But bear in mind, no high-sugar, high-salt, high-fat "junky" vegetarian food.

3 - Increase Your Vegetable Intake

4 - Stop Eating When 70% Full
Eating too full can easily trigger metabolic disorder, which leads to weight gain instead of weight loss.

5 - Eat Slowly
You'll lose weight easily with this little technique.

6 - Avoid Drinking Too Much Water

7 - Get Quality Sleep

If you want to lose fat the vegetarian way, eating the right vegetarian fat loss diet covers only 50% of the effectiveness. Losing weight doesn't mean you're losing fat effectively. Here's the checklist for overweight vegetarians to help you see if you're doing the right thing to lose weight or not:

It does help you lose weight, but for a short-term only. Do you include plenty of vegetables in your vegetarian weight loss diet? Vegetables carry tons of fiber and complex-carbohydrate for extremely effective fat loss. Do you drink plenty of water? When you hydrate your body with the right amount of water, your fat-burning engine will run optimally. Do you eat high-sugar vegetarian food? Even eating 1 - 3 times a week can easily undo all the hard work you've previously done to lose weight as a vegetarian. TVP is a processed "fake meat" that usually contains high sodium, high fat and high sugar. Include it in your vegetarian weight loss meal plans sparingly, and it should not do much harm to your plan. Do you eat slowly? When you eat too fast, you can easily overeat.

Removing waste from your body is one of the keys to effective fat loss. As long as you work out, you'll burn fat. It's particularly effective at shedding belly fat. This vegetarian weight loss checklist serves as a good reminder to help you stay on track. Easy vegetarian weight loss is very possible and highly probable.
Eating low fat dairy products such as cottage cheese, skim milk and yogurt can play a leading role in easy vegetarian weight loss.

The easiest way to vegetarian weight loss is through a low fat vegan diet. Pescetarian or Pesco-vegetarians eat fish, dairy products, and eggs along with plant foods. Some people argue that these are not true vegetarians but most fish is low fat and has high protein content and therefore can play an important role in easy vegetarian weight loss.

Rawism or raw foodists eat plant based, unprocessed and uncooked foods. It is very easy to lose weight with a raw food vegetarian diet.

Since it can get confusing for the beginner wanting a vegetarian diet but unsure where to start, Kardena Pauza, a vegetarian nutrition expert has developed the ideal vegetarian diet for weight loss, body sculpting and overall well-being and supreme health. She can help you lose weight, save money and love your body with her Easy Veggie Meal Plans

You'll eat foods you love while satisfying your sweet tooth and eating to satisfaction at every meal.


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