Friday, January 14, 2011

Betel leaf for health benefits

Why Can Heal Nosebleed Betel Leaves?

Betel leaf has many benefits for health, one of which is traditionally believed to stop the bleeding when the bleeding. Why betel leaf can cure a nosebleed?

Betel is a type of vines that are included in the family Piperaceae. Betel plant has many names such as betel (France), betelhe, vitele (Portugal), ju jiang (China) and betel (Indonesia).

Nzhealth Launched on Friday (14/01/2011), chemicals contained in the betel leaf, among others, essential oils, hydroxycatechol, chavicol, chavibetol, eugenol, methyl eugenol, caryophyllene, cadinene, estragol, terpennena, seskuiterpena, phenyl propane, tannins, diastase, sugar and starch.

The content of these chemicals is what makes betel leaves to stop bleeding at the time of nosebleed. Not only in the nosebleeds, betel leaf can also stop bleeding in wounds.

High content of antiseptic on betel leaves also make it widely used to treat body odor and breath, heal wounds and rashes on the skin, and treat vaginal discharge in women. The content of phenol in betel leaf five times more effective as an antiseptic compared with ordinary phenol.

How to use betel leaf to nosebleed

1. Use 1 sheet of betel leaf is rolled up and pressed to spend a little oil.
2. Then close the bleeding nostril with betel leaves and leave for more than 5 minutes. This will make the bleeding quickly stopped.

Betel plant originated from countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia such as India, Pakistan and Indonesia. The leaves are flat shaped like hearts of people is widely used in Asia as a medicinal plant that can cure various diseases.

But treatment with betel leaf, or piper betle is not well known in the western world because of western habits are far different from the east.


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