Monday, January 24, 2011

Eye Exercises Can Sharpen Brain

Eye exercises, not only can strengthen the muscles around the eyes and improve vision, but also can improve the ability and shrewdness. How do I?

Useful addition to the ability of vision, eye exercises can also improve concentration, memory and focus.

Reported by LIVESTRONG on Saturday (01/22/2011), here are some ways that can sharpen the brain exercises the brain:

1. Exercise to focus
To train the mind focus and attention, ask someone to hold two small objects with different colors, such as colored pencils, small balls of yarn, coins or similar objects, in front or beside her shoulder.

Then you try to focus only on one object for a few seconds, then move the focus on the second object. Vary the order of focus and time spent to see the different objects.

2. Exercise tracking
Tracking not only train the eye muscles, but also helps the brain to anticipate and follow the path of a moving object. Do this exercise alone or with a partner.

Hold an object like a pencil in hand and slowly moves away from you. Focus at the end of a pencil, then move the pencil in a pattern, such as windshield wipers, then switch to a pattern of circles, clockwise and then counterclockwise.

This exercise helps to maintain focus and attention on moving objects and is often used as a treatment for attention disorders.

3. Exercises for the memory
Play a memory game using cards or similar objects are placed face down. Play more than two cards at once to match identical cards that can improve memory.

You can also improve memory with eye exercises sway, according to research quoted in The Sunday Times. This exercise can increase the interaction between the right brain hemisphere and the left brain.

How, in the morning try to shift the focus back and forth between two stationary objects for 30 seconds. For example, drag the view from one side of the computer screen to another or from one side of the bed to another.

4. Video games
According to National Geographic, a video game that requires the track objects when using the mouse or keypad to reach the goal during game play to increase the coordination between hand and eye. Such games can also help the depth perception and ability to think and solve problems at the same time.


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