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Savor black cumin to treat severe disease

Sure you have heard the properties of black cumin or often called Sauda habatus this. It is said that black cumin can cure diseases such as heavy heart, diabetes, cancer, etc.. In fact he said that only death can not be cured ..... Want to know more about the properties of black cumin ... see the following article:

So Black caraway Treatment Trends

Methods of treatment are now beginning to shift to alternative non-medical. One of them through black cumin to treat ailments ranging from colds to cancer or HIV-AIDS. Up comes the phrase, only one that can not be cured black cumin, which is death.

Some people with various illnesses feel this panacea. As with chronic ulcer disease, gout, migraine, and so forth. "I suffer from diabetes mellitus is four years, but after taking black cumin for two months already feels more comfortable," said Ibah, one pengkomsunsi cumin, in a recent testimony.

Black cumin is popular with the name of the alias bean Habbatus sauda habbatul pleasant or baraka, which means seed that brings blessing is believed to cure various diseases, except death.

Black cumin is used as medicine since the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Black cumin is not only able to treat toothache, headache, nasal congestion and cope with intestinal parasites like worms, also efficacious for beauty.

In a literature Hermann Dr. Ehmann said, since before BC (BC) or the time of ancient Egypt, cumin is used as a spice in cooking and traditional medicine materials. Even in the study period in the modern era until the 1990s black cumin is used as a food supplement in some western countries.

A lot of literature that mention various properties of black cumin. Among them;
1. Strengthens the immune system because it can increase the number of cells either to increase natural killer cells. So nutritious boost the immune system and can be used as bioregulator or cure for the disease that attacks the immune system such as cancer and AIDS.

2. Improve memory and concentration because it has a content of linoleic acid (omega 6) and linolenic acid (omega 3). It is a useful nutritional brain cells improve memory and intelligence.

3. Increasing hormone bioactivity. One of the sterol content of black cumin is an active role in the synthesis and bioactivity of the hormone.

4. Neutralize toxins in the body. Diseases such as diarrhea, dizziness, respiratory problems and decreased the concentration of power can be cured black cumin saponin containing the neutralizing and cleaning toxins in the body.

5. Overcome sleep disorders and stress. Saponin cumin functioning corticosteroid that affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and affects the functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles and nerves of the body. Saponin serves to defend themselves from environmental changes, sleep disturbances and can relieve stress.

6. Anti-histamine or anti-allergic conditions such as severe asthma. Research Chakravaty Nirmal MD in 1993 proved that the crystals of nigellone supressive effect. As a result, 70% who suffer from allergies to pollen, acne and asthma recovered after being given a black cumin.

7. Improve the digestive tract, Jintan black containing volatile essential oil and beneficial to improve digestion. Traditionally as a remedy diarrhea.
8. Smooth breast milk. The combination of unsaturated fatty acids and hormonal structure of cumin to launch breast milk. The study is published in the literature on research at the University Potchestroom in 1989.

9. Additional nutrition in pregnant women and young children during growth on black cumin. The content of omega 3, 6, 9 it is the nutritional development of infants and fetal brain tissue.

10. Anti-tumor. At an international cancer congress in New Delhi, scientists introduced cumin Cancer and Immunology Laboratory, Southern California because it stimulates the bone marrow and immune cells. Compounds contained in them can destroy tumor cells and improve antibody.

11. Cumin rich in nutrients and is ideal for the elderly is mainly to protect the immune system and brain revitalitas not to go senile. Understandably cumin contains 15 kinds of amino acids including 9 essential amino acids. Essential amio acids the body can not be produced in sufficient quantities. It is only in black cumin.
So mujarabnya cumin is to treat various diseases until a phrase, all can be treated except death.


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