Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Slim key is not on a diet slim but the acceleration of metabolism

During this time many thought that for a slender body should restrict food intake or strict diet. It may be that such an assumption is wrong. Because based on several research experts, the key is not on a diet slim but the acceleration of metabolism. Further consider the following article:

Actually you need not bother to go on a diet, because the key to lean is to accelerate the metabolic system. But the problem is how to make a fast metabolism?

The main thing that causes rapid or slow weight gain is the metabolic system and the process of burning calories.

The higher the metabolism, the food is digested faster and burn more calories, so it does not cause fat deposits in the body.

Metabolism is the process of the body that convert food and beverages consumed into energy. During a complex biochemical process, calories in foods and beverages that are combined with oxygen to release energy needed for bodily functions.

How to speed up the metabolism?

Here are some ways to speed up the metabolic system, as reported by Dailymail, Wednesday (01/26/2011):

1. Enlarge muscle
Muscle tissue is metabolically active and use energy even at rest, whereas adipose tissue (fat) did not do anything during recess. Do sports like weight lifting loads to be able to quickly increase your metabolism.

2. Caffeinated drinks
"A glass of caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee can increase basal metabolic rate of about 5 to 10 percent for two hours," said Dr Nicola Lowe, senior nutrition lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

According to him, caffeine as a stimulant to enhance nerve activity and make more body movements. Caffeine also change the use of fuel, so the body burn more fat for energy instead of glucose.

3. Eat complex carbohydrates
Entering carbohydrate food list is often considered bad. But actually it could be good for your metabolism if you eat are complex carbohydrates, like potatoes, pasta, grains and tubers.

"There is evidence that if you eat lots of carbohydrates, you tend to burn excess fat in the body," said Tom Crisp, a consultant sports physician at the BUPA Barbican Centre, London.

4. Regular exercise
"Metabolism like a car engine. At rest just ticking over, when you burn gasoline started moving, and when moving faster the more gasoline is burned," said Tom Crisp. So, the more often you exercise, the higher the metabolic rate.

5. Always moving
People who are always active and engaged will have a high metabolic rate, so that usually will remain slim despite eating a lot. "Someone who can not sit still will burn more energy than someone who is passive and quiet," said Dr Lowe.


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