Monday, February 7, 2011

This is the efficacy of red ginger to treat impotence

Red Ginger has long used human ancestors to treat various diseases. One is to prevent and treat impotence. More on efficacy of red ginger to treat impotence, see the following article:

Red Ginger Prevent Impotence

Who is not familiar with ginger? One of the distinctive aroma seasoning that is not only believed to make the dish even more delicious, but also could be an alternative drug. Red Ginger is one of them. Hmm .. yes to any medication?

Ginger or commonly known by the Latin name Zingiberaceae appeared to have several types. One of them is Zingiberaceae officinale Rose, better known by the name red ginger. Maybe some people do not know this type of ginger.

When viewed at a glance, no different from ordinary ginger used for cooking. It's just smaller than regular ginger. Ginger color is pink to dark, I wonder if given the nickname red ginger. Common ginger with red ginger have similar content but with different concentrations.

Red Ginger is often used as a mixture of traditional medicine. This is because the aroma and the taste is more spicy than regular ginger. If the red ginger is used for cooking, it will ruin the flavor main dishes trersebut.

Red ginger oils contain high. Consisting of zingeberin, kamfena, zingebern, gingeral, and also shogool. In addition, acidic red ginger aksolat, gingerin, malic acid, and organic acids. Red Ginger is known efficacious as a laxative, antirheumatic, and medicines cold.

In addition, red ginger can also treat sore throat, back pain, relieve asthma, treat muscle pain, warms the body, appetite enhancer, and prevent colds. Therefore, all people who drink red ginger will feel more refreshed and also to arouse sexual. Because of heat and warmth to make blood vessels more open and blood flow to be smooth. In other words can overcome erection problems or prevent impotence.

Although the red ginger is good enough to treat some types of diseases, but for those suffering from ulcer disease should be careful. Gingerol content of its high heat can make the stomach and irritated. Thereby increasing the patient with chronic gastritis.

In China, red ginger is used as a natural Viagra, stimulates the release of breast milk, encourage the production of lymph, to maintain immunity, prevent sterility and strengthen the resilience of sperm. Farnesal element contained in this plant is also able to prevent the aging process because it stimulates skin cell regeneration.


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