Monday, August 1, 2011

It Turned Out That Soft Drinks Not Good for Health

You are a fan of fizzy drinks ....? It's OK to hell wrote ... just do not mostly. Because if you are too often soft drinks, will disrupt your body's health in the future. What are the effects when an excess of soft drinks ... see the following article:

Soft drinks become a favorite of millions. It was sweet and refreshing. And taste better if taken during hot weather or after lunch.

But what happens if you drink soda very often or even daily? As quoted from Shine on Monday (20 / 6), these four effects of drinking soft drinks too often:

1. Added fat

In the United States, a series of scientific studies show that soft drinks cause obesity or overweight. Many small children, teenagers and even adults have a body fat due to drinking too much soda.

2. Diabetes has had its time

People who drink soda every day have an increased risk of diabetes by two-fold higher than those who rarely or never drink soda.

3. Risk of heart attack

In addition to diabetes, a person who drank soft drinks every day, in four years have affected the risk of heart attacks 40 percent higher than those who did not. Not only that, the bad cholesterol also go up due to excessive consumption of soda.

4. Suffering from various health problems

Soft drinks not only contain high sugar levels, but also caffeine. Some experts say, if soft drinks have become part of the "lifestyle", then the effect will be not much different from illegal drugs. Consequently do not be surprised if there will be the body's vital organs are malfunctioning.

So from now on, perbanyaklah consumption of water at least two liters a day. Replace sodas with green tea or traditional herbal medicine is natural.


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