Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Tips to Eliminate Belly fat

You have belly fat? Do the following 10 tips if you want to have a slim stomach. What are 10 ways to make the back flat and toned stomach? Consider the following article:

1. Eat Healthy Fats
Believe it or not, low-fat diet will not eliminate belly fat. Professor Mehmet Oz, MD, of Columbia University reveals it. The truth is to stop eating white rice and replace it with wholemeal bread. Eat healthy fats like avocados and olive oil.

2. Follow the Desire Body
Study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that if someone wishes to follow what his body when hungry, he tended to eat less in a certain period. When someone is eating a cheeseburger cravings, maybe he'll eat for several days and then the body will feel bored and reduce the demand for food. Make sure the portions are not excessive.

3. Adjust the Portion Eating
Studies conducted Krista Varady, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, Chicago found people who ate servings daily reduced by 25%, his weight was reduced to 30 pounds in 8 weeks. Neither the weekends, eating a controlled also could help a person lose weight significantly.

4. Sit-Up Not Eliminate Fat
No amount of crunches you do, it will not eradicate the fat in the abdomen. He will strengthen the muscles but difficult to burn fat just by doing sit-ups. Instead, you should perform a thorough workout in the other large muscles such as legs, shoulders, chest and the other for maximum fat burning process.

5. Much Cardio Exercise
If you have to strengthen large muscles with weight training, then the next could accelerate the process of burning fat with cardio exercises. Running or aerobics help burn excess calories if offset by limiting bad fats consumed, as revealed by researchers at Duke University.

6. Do Less / Excess Sleep
Lack of sleep will make your metabolism slows down making it difficult to burn fat, whereas excess of sleep makes the body becomes accustomed to passive and sedentary. Both trigger the accumulation of fat in a faster time.

7. Stop Drinking Diet Soda
10-year study conducted by the University of Texas found people who regularly drink diet soda instead fatten more quickly than those who did not drink. This is due to artificial sweeteners in soda make your stomach bloated faster and make it easier to come hungry. Replace these drinks with pure lemon tea or water.

8. Meditation
Did you know when pray and meditate, stress hormone cortisol will decrease its production? Yes, this is the hormone that causes belly fat. So, avoid stress, a lot of prayer and meditation to calm the mind and soul. 15 minutes a day is quite helpful.

9. Sugar is Right
Eating sugary foods is a way of life for people of Indonesia, but you can choose the right sweetness. Fruits have natural sugars, nor with honey. When you eat sugary foods like chips and white rice, most of the calories turn into fat belly.

10. Practicing Smart, Not Hard
After the fat belly began to decrease, it's time to start abdominal exercises. Practice with a sense of contraction, not as much as possible. Definition of the abdominal muscles will help you appear more fit.


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