Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reproduction Diabetes Stress

Patients with diabetes mellitus or diabetes are not only prohibited from consuming foods containing high glucose levels, but also must avoid stress.

Chronic stress will tend to make someone look for sweet foods and high fat had to increase the fat content seretonin brain.

Seretonin does have a temporary calming effect to relieve the mind disorder. But, sugar and fat that is dangerous for those at risk get diabetes.

Stress or disturbance of mind can lead to increased levels of glucose in the blood. Despite taking medication regularly, according to the faculty of psychiatry Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine) Suryo Dharmono, the patient is prohibited from stress.

"If the patient is depressed, the metabolism of glucose in the blood increases," said Suryo in mediating educational event entitled "Professional Among Vulnerable Depression" in Jakarta, recently.

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism (metabolic syndrome) from the distribution of sugar by the body. Diabetics can not produce enough insulin in Jumah, or the body is unable to use insulin effectively, and become involved in the excess sugar in the blood.

Chronic excess sugar in the blood (hyperglycemia), this becomes toxic to the body. Some glucose is stuck in the blood was pouring into the urine to be excreted through the urine.

Diabetic urine containing high levels of sugar in it attractive to ants, which is why this phenomenon is also called diabetes symptoms.

Body diabetics can not automatically control the level of sugar (glucose) in their blood. In a healthy body, pancreas release the hormone insulin which carries the sugar through the blood to muscles and other tissues to supply energy.

Suryo recommend people with diabetes to exercise regularly. The simplest exercise to do is walk every morning for 30 minutes.

In the morning is highly recommended because the condition of the surrounding air was fresh and clean from pollution. According Suryo, regular exercise not only works to control glucose levels in the blood, but also makes a person have time for herself.

Well, take the time to personally is a great way to avoid stress. Therefore, the burden of thinking is generally caused by crush or high in the daily routine.

In addition to sports, for more leverage to avoid stress also need to be considered adequate rest. Eat a balanced diet and a positive attitude. This positive attitude like to spend some time and evaluate yourself.


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