Sunday, January 16, 2011

Massage Excess Silicon Breast Implants Compared

Breast Slap (dok: Lifeisreallybeautiful)

Many ways you can do to increase breast size, among others through massage and installation of silicone implants. Compared pairs of implants, breast massage has its own advantages so that even supported by the Thai health ministry.

Support is manifested by funding research at around 2003 to study the benefits of traditional massage called Pat or Thailand Breast Breast Slap. So named because this technique is done with a massage and patting (slap) the breast to the patient in pain.

Research involving more than 20 Thai women aged 20-60 years shows, Breast Slap technique not only able to enlarge breast size up to 10 cm in just 6 sessions of therapy. Another benefit is to reduce the risk of breast cancer due to other augmentation techniques including silicone implants.

Based on these conclusions, the Thai government since then encourage the women to remove the implant in his chest and turned to Breast Slap techniques are more natural or natural. Local health ministry even trained dozens of women in Bangkok as a therapist to explore this technique.

Breast Slap was first introduced by Khemmikka Na Songkhla, alternative beauty therapist who lives in Bangkok. He himself get that knowledge from his grandmother, who diligently massaging her breasts since she was a teenager with herbal cream and then patted with a technique known today.

For more than 20 years, Khemmikka who is now 43-year-old is still active in serving patients who want to enlarge the breasts in his clinic which is located in Bangkok. Patients come from various ages, ranging from the still 20-something years until the age of 70 grandmothers of the year.

"One patient came with only the breast size of chicken eggs. Only by undergoing therapy 6 times, its size was increased egg Butung camel," said Khemmikka as quoted from Lifeisreallybeautiful, Sunday (01/16/2011).

Another advantage of breast massage is not trigger the swelling and inflammation in the lymph glands as well as on silicone implants. Inflammation of the lymph nodes is one of the worst impacts of leakage of silicone implants that had accumulated in the surrounding tissue and can damage the immune system.

Issue price also includes other advantages of this technique to enlarge breast Breast Slap. As reported by The Independent, clinics Khemmikka just fix the price of U.S. $ 386 to 6 sessions of therapy. Compare the price of an implant that would average
U.S. $ 5000


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