Monday, January 17, 2011

Teens Drinking Alcohol Breast Cancer Risk

Teenage girls who drink alcoholic beverages may have a connection with breast cancer in their lives lately.

USA Today quoted the most recent research results are published online at the journal Pediatrics last week.

The study surveyed 6899 women who have become participants when they were aged 9-15 years.

The study found that girls who drank the most alcohol during their teenage years face the prospect of five times greater esophageal benign breast disease (BBD) as they enter young adulthood than those who never drank or drank at least once a week.

BBD means of breast disorders are not caused by cancer and are usually not life-threatening.

Meanwhile, BBD is known to encourage breast cancer risk. "Our study shows that teenagers who drink alcoholic beverages increase the risk of breast cancer, either in all women and in those who continue to develop BBD, but of course a longer search is needed to confirm it," said Berkey.

Adolescence is a critical time for a person who potentially have cancer, Berkey said, because the breast gland experienced rapid growth during that period.


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