Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why do people feel tired?

Beware if you often feel tired. Because you could be suffering from one disease. Could it just kind of a vitamin deficiency or even you have diabetes. More information please refer to the following article:

Often feel tired? It could be the cause not because of too many tasks at work or daily activities of the solid.

According to Neil Shulman, author of 'Your Body's Red Light Warning Signals', as quoted from the women's health, fatigue may be caused by saturation and pressure in psikis.Neil also explained, feeling tired a sudden and excessive can also be a symptom of a disease. Here it is the most common causes of fatigue.

Lack of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is in charge of maintaining the activity of red blood cells which carry oxygen in the blood. Low levels of vitamin B12 to make the body weak and lackluster. This condition also causes stomach pains, heartburn. If left too long, there will be tingling in hands and feet, lack of balance, memory by and confusion.

This vitamin is widely available in animal protein, such as cow's milk, eggs, meat and fish. For the vegetarians, do not be afraid of not getting enough B12 intake, you can get it from soy milk.


"Fatigue is one sign you're depressed," said David Mischoulon, psychiatric staff of the Massachusetts General Hospital, as reported by health. About 12 million adults worldwide suffer from depression. In women, the risk of depression could be higher by 20 percent compared to men. To overcome this, sempatkanlah holiday, with aroma therapy, spa or exercise.

Less Fluid

If the body fluid deficiency or dehydration, can result in delays throughout the working organ in the human body. As a result, reserves of energy in the body decreases and causes the affected organ performance. This condition causes symptoms of weakness and fatigue the body.

Inadequate intake of body fluids. You can be inadequate by drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating vegetables and fruits high in water and fiber. Binding function of fiber intake of fluids so that the water last longer in the body.


Body of fatigue often experienced by diabetics. Cause, when high blood sugar levels, glucose is automatically removed from the body through urine. As a result, the cells in the body lacks the energy that makes it not work properly.

Sue explained McLauhlin, president of health care from the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is easy thirsty, causing him to drink plenty of water. This condition makes it always the urge to urinate, especially at night so sleep was disturbed activity. Lack of sleep also can lead to fatigue.

For people with diabetes, it is very important to check blood sugar levels periodically Dalan. Keep your food intake, exercise regularly, and live a proper diet. Starting also with excess body weight and stay away from soda drinks.


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