Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is the fifth intake of food that can enhance your sexual arousal

FEEL decreased sexual desire though is to do variations of the position and location of sex? Perhaps the cause is internal. Could be your hormones less good because of inadequate intake.

Do not blame your hormones when you feel that this evening could not fulfill his desire to fight in bed. It may be that your intake is less nutritious. Before the symptoms of more acute, immediate overcome these problems so that your sex life any good back, as written Idiva.

Intake of green

Benefits spinach is very rich in nutrients. In addition to containing vitamin E, food is directly related to the production of sex hormones in the body. So, always consume these foods if you want to get a full night of passion.

Light snacks

According to Dr Bansal, high energy will produce a maximum sex.

"Nuts and dried fruits are full of vitamin B3 can increase stamina," he said. So when you feel low in mood and sadness, keep your intake with snacks that are placed near the bed making it easier for you to eat them.


Spicy food affects your hormonal balance. In fact, the chili can be called a natural Viagra, "said Dr Bhagat.


Chickens have a vitamin B complex which helps the release of sex hormones. "This will increase blood circulation in the body when you have sex," added Dr Bhagat.


Ginseng and other root crops that contain L-Arsine, organic substances that help the release of hormones during sex is very good for consumption. Aphrodisiac Eating also gives you instant energy. So now you know not what to look in the kitchen to improve the stamina of your bed?


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