Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 Healthy Habits for Great Sex

You Want your sex life better? Try changing your habits to live a healthier life.

As quoted from medicinenet, experts agree that there is a critical link between health, lifestyle with sexual satisfaction. By having a healthier life, passion or you can increase libido. Not only that, problems like erectile dysfunction in both men and women can be cured with a healthy life.

These six healthy habits you can do to sex is more intense:

1. Stop Smoking or No

Launched goodinbeds, smoking can interfere with blood flow to the genitals. With the disruption of blood flow can make a passionate women and men declined.

Not only that, as reported by quitsmokking, nicotine contained in cigarettes can also cause the decline in blood testosterone levels in men. Though these hormones affect the ability of men to erection.

In women, smoking can make them difficult to reach orgasm. Nicotine contained in cigarettes damage the ovaries, causing menstrual abnormalities and reduced production of the hormone estrogen. All the things that ultimately make quicker menopausal women.

2. Sports

Regular exercise in both men and women can improve the quality of their sex life and add excitement. Routine exercise can nourish the blood vessels. It is important to the ability of male erection.

According to urologist Jennifer Berman, MD, exercise can also increase endorphins, hormones that make you feel happy, and makes women more confident.

3. Reduce Stress

To reduce stress, you can try to do it with some techniques such as meditation and yoga. Both the technique was shown to improve the quality of sex life.

"Stress can also be secretly killed, even worse than heart disease or cancer," said Dr. Berman, as reported from everydayhealth.

To cope with this stress, Berman suggests, at least you have adequate rest periods. Rest can increase libido.

4. Reduce or Stop Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic beverages has long been recognized as one of the causes of the decline in one's libido. It turned out that alcoholic beverages can also be damaging to eliminate sexual arousal. Although maybe when you're drunk do not lose sexual desire, but not necessarily with your partner.

5. Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine has been shown to be a vasoconstrictor, which has adverse effects to blood flow. Blood flow, in men associated with erectile ability. Although until now there has been no research that could prove the influence of coffee on erectile dysfunction, experts still recommend you should drink coffee in a reasonable amount only.

6. Eating Healthy Foods

Eat vegetables rich in color and fruit that contain many antioxidants such as strawberry, orange and red wine. These foods are proven to increase libido.

"Mediterranean diet, diet by eating fruits and vegetables and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, very good for sexual health," said Dr. Berman again.


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