Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cancer therapy with propolis

This time I want to share about the benefits of propolis for our health . Propolis does have a significant effect on the health of the body . Such as helping the immune system , improve stamina , and can also cure the infection . In addition Propolis can also help cancer patients in therapy .

Cancer cells are growing is not normal, malignant and evil . Hypokrates described as a crab ( Cancer). Cancer cells grow rapidly , more and more stand out and grow . Cause damage to other cells and can invade into the surrounding tissue , also follow the flow of blood and lymph vessels . Then the cancer cells will descend on its target body parts and breed there . In this new area will damage the cancer cells and destroy normal cells .

Suggested use propolis to certain diseases :

Propolis drink at least 5 drops 3 times a day , then increased up to maximum 30 drops 3 times a day depending on the stage of the cancer patient . For cancer that has been injured and it looks from outside the body , propolis is applied in place of the cancer to grow .

If the cancer is found in the cervix , the propolis can be applied through the hole femininity . Besides women affected by cervical cancer can soak in water mixed with propolis . How to prepare a large bucket or tub of water that is rather large and filled with water warm enough . Squirt 10-15 drops of propolis into the water . and stir until blended . Soak up the body parts of the breast , soaking time of 10-15 minutes to do at least 1 time a day before bed . For breast cancer patients who have injuries , treatment is done by applying propolis to the wound site . If the injury incurred is quite extensive , butalah compress propolis as a medicine . How: prepare the sterile gauze moistened with propolis to taste and put on the wounds of cancer , then cover it with plaster . 7-10 drops of propolis Campu drinking water 1/4 cup , do 3 to 5 times a day .


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